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Helps to maintain body’s alkalinity balance, one of the most important aspects of staying healthy– helps fight disease- an aid in fighting all types of illness. The Alkalinity balance of your body is proven to be one of the most critical weapons in fighting cancers and the aging process.
It is the best detoxifying product on the planet.
Wash and rinse fruit and vegetables for a better taste.
Helps heal wounds
You drink less but have better hydration of your body’s cells.
Use as a moisturiser – Spray it on your skin and or add it to creams for deeper penetration
Mix with fresh lemon juice for an energy drink
Better for pets
Extends the life of cut flowers (just add some charged water to the vase)
Plants are healthier, vegetable gardens are more productive. Fruit and vegetables taste better.
Excellent additive for cleaning products - they will work better and use less chemicals
Use in baths for added hydration and soothing
Swimming pools – eliminates chlorine and other chemical smells. You will use less chemicals (up to 90% less). Water will become softer- you won’t need to rinse after swimming. (note that an average pool requires about 15 sachets of Live Water Prill Beads, but will last for 10 years and more, and save you its initial cost in chemicals in just over 1 year on average)
Pollution – helps transform stagnant/dirty water back into sanitised, structured water

Practical Aspects Of Live Water Prill Bead Use
Prill beads last a long time, several years of normal use. Steps in preparing and use of the beads include: