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Prill Beads were originally developed for cleaning up nuclear reactor waste water.

Living water has the capacity to hold more energy than normal water because of its structure

Living Water is immediately absorbed into the cell wall and provides rapid hydration

Surface Tension
Any ordinary water placed in contact with Live Water Prill beads undergoes a remarkable transformation of “thinning”. Prill beads make thin water by changing the water at the molecular level.

Live Water Prill Beads de-cluster water to single molecules that absorb into your system faster and more efficiently than any other kind of water. 

Changes also occur to the surface tension of Prilled water. Ordinary tap water has a surface tension of around 80 dynes/cm which at this measure the body has to work under stress to lower the surface tension to around 45 dynes/cm in order for nutrients to pass through cell walls. We need to drink almost 10 times the amount of tap water to produce enough thin water for our bodily needs. 

Water from fresh mountain streams has a surface tension below 65 dynes/cm.

Water made from Live Water Prill Beads has surface tension well below this level making it “wetter” water. It takes on the characteristics of “Dew” which is the liquid found in fruit and seeds or other plant cells which has surface tension of around 45 dynes!

If the water you drink has the ideal Dynes level of 45-48, nutrients will get in to the cells efficiently and waste and toxins will be taken out efficiently.  Thus cells will be healthier, last longer and improve your health and longevity

Many people feel that living structured water tastes better.
Athletes have learned that structured water improves hydration and decreases post exercise recovery time.

Skin readily absorbs dew but repels common water.

Large amounts of money is spent to purify water by removing physical and chemical pollutants. Then dangerous substances such as chlorine and fluoride are added back into water, which is illogical unless the goal is to create disease. You can find many examples of how chlorine, fluoride, chemical pollution, and mechanical disturbances contained in today's water supply negatively affect you, your pets, and even your plants.

Water from Live Water Prill Beads will not permit lower life forms such as bacteria and fungi to survive so it can be said to be antiseptic but it does support the growth of algae. Toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride are somehow dissipated and you are left with pure pristine water that will super hydrate your body.

Nutrient Absorption
Using Live Water to drink and bathe in provides superior hydration, nutrient absorption, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency and improved cellular communication. It can rapidly restore youthful function to all cells.

Replenishing your body with Live Water increases vitality, prevention of disease and slowing the aging process.