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Today, there are so many additives and chemicals in our water, and even worse, it is pushed under pressure through pipes that put negative energy into it. It is not the clear, pure, water our ancestors drank from fresh water springs centuries ago.

The quality of the water we drink and use has to have a major impact on health as it directly influences 70 % of our bodies.

Live Water Prill Beads are an economical and convenient way to enjoy drinking clean, contaminant free water with the qualities and benefits of pure mountain spring water.
Live Water Prill Beads are made of magnesium oxide which is produced from naturally occurring salts of magnesium found in rich brine deposits located approximately 2,500 feet below ground. The resulting magnesium oxide is ‘prilled’ into small, hard pellets by high temperature firing processes making them ceramic like. A proprietary, energy-charging process is then applied to the beads which gives them their unique energizing properties. Live water prill beads will never wear out or dissolve.

Prill Beads purify, energize and “restructure” water.

Water from living water prill beads is pH balanced to 7.4

Just place Live Water Prill Beads in a glass container up to 5 litres, fill it with ordinary tap water, or filtered if you can, allow 24 hours for its initial charge and then you have an almost endless supply of pure glacial quality water to drink, cook with, bathe in, clean with, along with remarkable health benefits. You can use up to 80% of the water every hour. Just top it up when the container is low.

Don’t fall for the idea that bottled water or even filtered water is purer than what’s in your tap.

Water Is An Energy Source
Water is an intimate part of who we are.  It is in us, we are in it.  We use a great deal of it several times every day.  It keeps us clean, nourishes us and our food supply, is a source for recreation, warms us, cools us, heals us, amazes us, has and gives power, beauty, softness

Every day your body loses water through urine and sweat, and this fluid needs to be replenished. You can actually survive without food for months, but without water you’d die after a few days, so needless to say, water is absolutely essential to life.
Our cells are responsible for making energy and an amazing array of bio-chemicals.

Proper hydration and absorption of nutrients into the cells is a key concept of healthy living

Hydrogen fuel for the body

Water is the body’s main source of energy


did you know that Hydrogen is the body’s main source of fuel?

Hydrogen is the body’s most essential nutrient because it provides our life force.